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Integrative Functional Health Medical Weight Loss Specialist NYC

Traci Fields


Functional & Integrative Medicine and Nutrition

A comprehensive approach to overall wellness that includes:


Functional/ integrative medicine and nutrition incorporates many aspects of biology and wellness into holistic healing. The practice focuses primarily on an overall feeling of wellness as opposed to simple symptom reduction.

As a Registered Dietitian, and Physician Associate, Traci Fields doesn’t just observe a person’s diet, she evaluates the many interrelationships between diet, lifestyle, environment, and biology to target specific health concerns and disorders. As a result of this integrative and functional approach to weight loss, and overall health, Traci is adept at getting to the root of her patients’ concerns while developing a deeper understanding of their needs.

“Allow me to help you find the path to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle” – Traci Fields

What Patients Are Saying


I’ve been seeing Traci for a few months now and I can’t even believe the weight loss I was able to achieve under her guidance and care. My friends and family are all amazed by it, too! I have tried every other method under the sun to shed this stubborn weight to no avail. With Traci, in just a few months I was able to achieve my goals and get back down to my wedding weight! I highly recommend Traci. She is the real deal!


I had a rough year in terms of feeling healthy and well balanced in 2018 and was really feeling some ill effects of stress and bad habits. Under Traci's care, I turned my health and general well-being around completely in very little time and it was, to my surprise, rather shockingly easy and painless to do under her guidance and knowledge. I want to stress just how unusual it is to find someone with her medical training, background, skills, and scientifically rigorous perspective. I know from friends' experience, that almost anyone can sell themselves as being an expert in this area without feeling obliged to bring all the assets and talent that Traci does to her discipline. My primary physician was very impressed with the results I was able to present whilst working with Traci and even said that some of the things which I had learned from Traci were new and informative to her as a doctor. I really appreciate having found someone so committed to remaining up to date on the scientific aspects of their work and her no-nonsense approach. On a personal level, she's also very kind and helpful, and a lot of fun to work with.


Traci is an amazing Dietitian. You can really see the difference between a nutritionist and an RD when seeing Traci. Everytime I ask her a question she answers clearly with a lot of science and thought behind it. I have learned so much from Traci. Not only is she helpful with loosing weight, she really cares about me and asks me how I'm doing in my personal life. I find talking about weight management to be a very personal experience and its nice to feel comfortable talking to Traci because I know she really cares about my life and isn't there to just make some money. Don't wait to see this amazing woman. She's incredible. Love you Trace!


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