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A Comprehensive Approach to Overall Wellness

Traci-fields-nutritionistThrough my unique and varied experience as a Registered Dietitian for 22 years and as a Physician Assistant for 15 years in many different specialties, I have acquired invaluable knowledge on how to approach the patient as a whole instead of treating each specific issue separately.

I employ a comprehensive approach to promote my clients overall quality of life through preventative and functional medicine, medical nutrition therapy, supervised medical weight loss, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging, CBD-essential oils, medical-grade supplements among many other modalities.  The use of any and all of these modalities has proven successful among all ages, sexes, and backgrounds, and have allowed my clients to achieve optimal, health outcomes whether it be for weight loss to anti-aging.

Allow me to help you find the path to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Areas of Practice


To achieve successful weight loss, a qualified professional needs to take into consideration an individual’s past medical history, physical exam findings, recent laboratory data, resting metabolic rate, and any food allergies and food intolerances. Additionally, an appetite suppressant is often a good augmentation for successful and lasting results.

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A practice that treats declining hormone levels that often occur with age. As an identical compound or molecule as the hormone itself, they often have fewer complications and are a more tolerated treatment and have been shown to have a reliable outcome.

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Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is the development of a nutritional treatment or therapy based on a comprehensive assessment of a person’s medical history, physical examination, and dietary history. It is effective in treating existing conditions or as a way to prevent and avoid disease or complications related to disease states.

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Medical grade meal replacements recommended by a qualified professional are often a useful part of any weight loss or nutrition plan. Whether losing weight, maintaining weight or for a generally healthful nutrition lifestyle, supplements are often necessary. This includes vitamins, minerals, and many other formulations such as herbs, amino acids and pro-hormones just to name a few.

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Through education and awareness, preventative medicine is a practice that focuses on disease prevention and management. The outcomes of preventative medicine benefits not just the individual but the entire community.

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100% plant-based relief, pairing pure CBD and essential oils for a tailored experience.