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Traci Fields


Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Customized meal plans can range anywhere from full meal replacements, partial meal replacements or regular food or a combination of any of the three to meet a person’s specific needs. The scientific explanation for this is that it is important for the body to have healthy modification to turn down the hormones in the gut like Ghrelin and Leptin that trick the body into thinking that it is hungry when it is full and to continue eating unnecessarily leading to excess calorie intake resulting in weight gain. During this time, a change in the types of food is important, intermittent fasting, appetite suppression and possibly the use of other weight loss medications like GLP-1 or semaglutide with the names of Ozempic and Wegovy can be used and are essential to stave off hunger and improve insulin sensitivity among other things.  Medically supervised weight loss often involves the use of FDA approved medications when indicated and may be part of any weight loss program.  With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable clinician, there is a solution.  The right regimen of diet, appetite suppression and other weight loss medications, exercise and other modalities can ensure long term success.

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