“The Zen of Weight Lifting” – The New York Times

Chop wood, carry water and other lessons that apply far beyond the gym. By Brad Stulberg Nov. 22, 2019 One of my favorite movements at the gym is called a farmer’s carry. You hold a heavy weight — for me, around 95 pounds — in each hand and attempt to walk with a solid, upright […]

10-20-30 Training

This simple program will help you make the most of a short workout by improving heart health and endurance. Try it with your favorite cardiovascular activity. 1. Run (or bike or swim or row) lightly for 30 seconds. 2. Run moderately for 20 seconds. 3. Run at top speed for 10 seconds. Repeat the sequence […]

10-Minute Workout

If you like to run, bike, row or swim — just a little bit — this workout is a great option for you. 1. Warm up for 2 minutes. 2. Pedal, run or swim all-out for 20 seconds. 3. Pedal, run or swim slow and easy for 2 minutes. 4. Pedal, run or swim all-out […]

The 7-Minute Workout

12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair, and a wall, it fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort — all of it based on science. 1. Jumping jacks 2. Wall sit 3. Push-ups 4. Abdominal crunches 5. Step-up onto a chair 6. Squats 7. Triceps dip on a chair 8. Plank 9. High knees, […]

The 4-Minute Workout

If you don’t really like doing push-ups or wall sits, you can still benefit from H.I.I.T. Try this 4-minute burst of fitness. 1. Warm-up briefly. 2. Run, swim or bike intensely for four minutes. 3. Stop. Catch your breath. Repeat three times a week.