The Breakfast Debate: Traci Discusses Intermittent Fasting

Debate: Is Breakfast Important? Traci discusses intermittent fasting and the great debate… is breakfast as important as everyone seems to think? Join our mailing list Sign up and receive the latest news, updates, and promotions First Name: Last Name: Email: Sign Up

How To Calculate Net Carbs In Foods

Learning how to calculate the number of carbohydrates in a food or meal that you are consuming. Worried about the number of carbohydrates you are consuming from food either for health reasons or to avoid gaining weight by consuming too many calories? Look at the nutrition label. It will give the serving size. Find the […]

Healthy Fruit Choices

You hear so much conflicting nutrition information about what’s healthy and what’s not. While fruit is natural and considered a whole food, you want to choose the right ones that have the least amount of fruit sugar per serving and the most fiber to slow down the sugar absorption into the bloodstream. Organic fresh or […]

Healthy Food Items to Always Have on Hand

There are times when you are expected to throw together healthy, satisfying snacks that are filling and nourishing. Here is a list of staple food items that will augment any recipe or will provide for a nutritious snack. Have easy and accessible ingredients that would make any recipe or snack tasty and filling. Here is […]